Cuckmere Haven v0.2

Following on from the previous post, I set about improving the way the hyperphotograph operates. The Four Corners toolkit is a good starting point, but I’m not keen on the pop-ups from each corner. After some thought, I came up with the idea of exploiting … Continue readingCuckmere Haven v0.2

Cuckmere Haven v0.1

This is an early attempt at creating a hyperphotograph. It uses the toolkit provided by Fred Ritchens and team at Four Corners Project. Home The picture appears as a picture until interaction occurs, which is my intention. The Four Corners toolkit activates the corners of … Continue readingCuckmere Haven v0.1

FMP Proposal

Draft document


ASSELIN, Mathieu. 2017. Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation. Arles: Actes Sud. BASAR, Shumon. 2015. The Age of Earthquakes. London: Penguin BOGRE, Michelle. 2012. Photography As Activism. Abingdon: Routledge. BULL, Stephen. 2010. Photography. London: Routledge. FROSH, Paul. 2019. The Poetics of Digital Media. Cambridge: polity Press GOLD, … Continue readingBibliography

Engagement with Organisations

The Final Major Project should lead into the student’s practice post-MA. Part of my current practice is covering protest actions by Extinction Rebellion. I’m in the foreground, wearing the 96 cap, photographing locked-on activists outside Horse Hill, Surrey fracking site. The resulting pictures appeared on … Continue readingEngagement with Organisations


A listing of organisations who are relevant to this project: Climate Outreach Website: climate change during the Covid-19 crisis: Extinction Rebellion Website: My work on XR Brighton website: Ellen MacArthur Foundation Website: Greenpeace Website: