Week 4 Reflection

In the pre-Modern world, when phenomena could not be explained by tangible physical interactions, they were explained by magic. As there was no understanding of, for example,  magnetism or gravity, the effects of these forces were ascribed to magic or to the occult. The frontiers … Continue readingWeek 4 Reflection

Week 3 Reflection

Thoughts on Photography Consists of Collaboration: Meiselas, Ewald and Azoulay This is one of the recommended readings for the week and I felt I should respond to it. It seems to me that the article illustrates a way in which critical thinking fails by straying … Continue readingWeek 3 Reflection

Week 2 Reflection

The week started with a shoot on Saturday for my project. I have written this up separately here Getting out and putting my ideas into practice is key to my involvement in this course. I’m very pleased by the way that the project and … Continue readingWeek 2 Reflection

Week 1 Reflection

My practice would be categorised as landscape, street and travel photography. It is about found scenes and images framed in the world around me. My first shoot this week was based around the West Pier in Brighton. I was revisiting it as part of the … Continue readingWeek 1 Reflection

Shoot diary, 8th June

I had earmarked this morning to create more pictures for my Foreboding project. The project is about the effects of Climate Change and the portfolio I submitted at the end of the last module, was largely concerned with the effects of rising sea levels. I … Continue readingShoot diary, 8th June

A Dozen Building Sites

” The aim of this task is to produce a series of images as a small book, inspired by one of Ed Ruscha‚Äôs”. The appeal of Ruscha’s photography is counter intuitive. They are very basic pictures, presented well. It’s as if Ruscha is staking his … Continue readingA Dozen Building Sites


A research project proposal. This project is about Climate Change, currently recognized as the single greatest global threat to human beings and their way of life. The project seeks to deliver a collection of images which express the apprehension born of knowing that rapid and … Continue readingForeboding