Week 8 Reflections

Things had been stressful recently, so my wife and I took a week off to relax. Of course, midway through an MA module, it’s not going to be total relaxation but a change of scene certainly helps. So we travelled to San Francisco to stay … Continue readingWeek 8 Reflections

Week 7 Reflections

Two highlights for me this week: the Amy Simmonds lecture and the podcast interview with Jane Hilton. Let me start with Amy Simmonds. I really need to watch this again with a notebook in hand. There was such a wealth of information about how the … Continue readingWeek 7 Reflections

Week 6 Reflections

It’s time to think about the Oral Presentation. This one is going to be interesting. My portfolio will look completely different from what I have shown before and I need to explain that. My first two work in progress portfolios were both firmly landscape work. … Continue readingWeek 6 Reflections

Week 5 Reflections

Last week I went to a photography show at the Bargehouse Gallery in London. The invitation came from a fellow student who had an exhibition as part of the show. It seemed interesting so I went along with my wife. As this was the private … Continue readingWeek 5 Reflections

Week 4 Reflections

This was the second week of the Extinction Rebellion protests in London. As I had placed a big emphasis on XR for this stage of my project, I needed to get as much work done as possible.  On Saturday, I was assigned to cover the … Continue readingWeek 4 Reflections

Week 3 Refections

Monday 7th October was the big day. The start of Extinction Rebellion’s October action. Acts of rebellion against an exploitative business culture and a supine government would be happening over the next two weeks. I planned to be part of it in a dual role:As … Continue readingWeek 3 Refections

Week 2 Reflections

In previous modules, there has been discussion of research strategies. One of the strategies was immersion and at the time I noted the idea and carried on reading about my research subjects. That has all changed this week as I started to research Extinction Rebellion … Continue readingWeek 2 Reflections

Week 1 Reflections

My project addresses the effects of the climate crisis. So far the work has been largely landscape, looking at the effects of a changing climate on the physical world. One of the most pleasing aspects of working on the project has been how my practice … Continue readingWeek 1 Reflections

Week 11 Reflection

Stress. I never imagined that printing and framing twelve pictures and hanging them on a wall would be so stressful. But it was and I did it anyway. My part of Landings 2019 was to show some examples of my work in my home town. … Continue readingWeek 11 Reflection