What Now?

I need to take a break. I have worked full-time throughout the MA and have taken many lunch hours at odd times in order to attend lectures. This regime also meant finishing work and getting straight on with studies. Weekends and days off for shoots … Continue readingWhat Now?

Out on the Streets

When I committed to photographing demonstrations, I committed myself to a whole new area of photography. This is photojournalism and I didn’t know how to do it. Being in a situation like this requires a complex set of assessments. I know that I am a … Continue readingOut on the Streets

Fabrice Monteiro

Many writers see the roots of the current climate crisis in peculiarly Anglo Saxon interpretation of Enlightenment thinking, especially that of Descartes and Newton. There is plenty of evidence of human beings hunting animal populations to extinction before the last Ice Age, but it is … Continue readingFabrice Monteiro

How it works

The public outcome of my FMP is a website andthewatersincreased.com Building a website was always a logical choice as I have relevant skills. I’m familiar with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript which are the languages used to construct websites. The ongoing Covid 19 pandemic meant that … Continue readingHow it works