The Hyperphotograph Defined

My FMP builds on the ideas of Professor Fred Ritchin for a hyperphotograph that would use digital technologies like hypertext to enhance the meaning available from a photograph. I have experimented with this concept, starting with the Ritchin sponsored Four Corners Project, and inserting my … Continue readingThe Hyperphotograph Defined

Supervisory Meeting 20/08/2020

Date of Supervision Meeting Thursday 20/08/2020 Start time of Meeting 09:00 Length of Meeting in minutes 30 mins Meeting Notes & Action Points 1. I presented the current body of work¬† favourably by WM, thought the layout was good and information content was at the … Continue readingSupervisory Meeting 20/08/2020


As planned, I spent Monday and Tuesday mornings with the XR rebels disrupting tanker arrivals at Horse Hill in Surrey. Pictures were duly edited and sent off to the media team for onward distribution to media organisations. On Wednesday morning I was in WH Smith … Continue readingPublished!

Pondering Content

The last few days have been spent focusing on the technical aspects of the hyperphotograph platform. I feel that I have a flexible and workable solution now. On Monday 3rd August I will put it to the test. The objective was always to look beyond … Continue readingPondering Content

Update 25/07/2020

The work for the FMP now has a number of distinct threads: Shoots – to produce pictures linked the story ideas. Stories – research and reflection to identify new stories and improve the content of those that I am already working on. Platform – developing … Continue readingUpdate 25/07/2020

Cuckmere Haven v0.1

This is an early attempt at creating a hyperphotograph. It uses the toolkit provided by Fred Ritchens and team at Four Corners Project. Home The picture appears as a picture until interaction occurs, which is my intention. The Four Corners toolkit activates the corners of … Continue readingCuckmere Haven v0.1

FMP Proposal

Draft document


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