Fade Away Esso

Positive point of view: Over the coming years, the influence of the big oil companies will wane as sustainable technologies take over. Negative point of view: As air pollution gets worse, the culprits will be more difficult to see. More desktop photography.

Cold War Steve

Christopher Spencer started making digital collages on his smartphone on the way to work and posting them on Twitter under the pseudonym Cold War Steve. They rapidly became wildly popular. His bleakly satirical pictures of rotting caravans, pompous and ineffectual politicians, and down-at-heel street scenes … Continue readingCold War Steve

Desktop Photography

The Covid 19 pandemic means we should: Stay Home – Protect The NHS – Save Lives I’m fine with this. I don’t want to become ill and I don’t want my family to be ill. Other generations have put up with much worse. But for … Continue readingDesktop Photography

Working At Home

My practice is all about photographing out of doors. That’s what I have tended to do and my project is all about the environment. So the current restrictions on movement due to Covid 19 are a big nuisance. Considering the big picture, I am fortunate. … Continue readingWorking At Home

Tableaux By Accident

When I was planning my pictures that would ultimately form my portfolio for December 2019, I had considered creating tableaux of Extinction Rebellion protestors on the street during the October rebellion. This proved to be impractical as the situation was too fluid to set up … Continue readingTableaux By Accident