The current context of my practice is the climate crisis. I want to be able to find new things to say about the crisis and I want to find new ways of doing so. This is the existential threat to humanity, I feel it is … Continue readingInfluences

A Turning Point

I take a lot of pictures and reject most of them. That seems to be common to a lot of photographers. The ones that make the cut get shared and join collections or portfolios. Some become a landmark. This picture is something of a landmark … Continue readingA Turning Point

Week 3 reflections

This is the cover of the 1980 Roxy Music album “Flesh and Blood”. It’s not the first Roxy Music album and it’s not the best. In fact, it was critically panned on its release. But I bought it, enjoyed it and was always enthralled by … Continue readingWeek 3 reflections

Week 2 reflections

Photography is a method of placing texts into the world, where we understand a text as being a message, observation, art object or other creative artefact. Photography has aspects to it that make it recognisable as photography: it is undertaken by photographers, they use a … Continue readingWeek 2 reflections

Week 1 reflections

My photography practice is in a state of transition. Previously, I would go out with a camera and see what happened. I never worked to a brief, never thought beyond the fact that I would be exploring a city or a coastline. Some good pictures … Continue readingWeek 1 reflections

Human Choices

My practice is in a state of transition so it makes sense for me to explain where I have come from and where I think I am going. Prior to the MA, I would go out, looking for pleasing things to photograph. I enjoyed doing … Continue readingHuman Choices