Week 11 Reflection

Stress. I never imagined that printing and framing twelve pictures and hanging them on a wall would be so stressful. But it was and I did it anyway. My part of Landings 2019 was to show some examples of my work in my home town. … Continue readingWeek 11 Reflection

Week 10 Reflection

Last week was largely about organisation, getting ready for Landings. This week has been focused on preparing for the portfolio submission. This requires a lot of reflection: What am I doing? What is the point of the work I am making? Where do I go … Continue readingWeek 10 Reflection

Week 9 Reflection

Week 9 Reflection This week has been focused on preparing a body of work for my exhibition. This exhibition will form part of the Landings 2019 event. Finding a venue for the exhibition was an interesting exercise. My preferred venue was the Ashdown Forest Conservation … Continue readingWeek 9 Reflection

Week 8 Reflection

Week 8 is all about Arles. I had never visited the festival or town before, so I had no idea what to expect. Some good exhibitions, certainly. A pretty French town, highly likely. People like me, definitely. What I found, stunned me. Genuinely. At the … Continue readingWeek 8 Reflection

Week 7 reflection

This week has been dominated by preparations for the Arles trip. I am very excited by the prospective of three days of photography and the opportunity for a critical review of my portfolio is very welcome. Up to now, I have tended not to print … Continue readingWeek 7 reflection

Week 6 reflection

I have just finished reading Understanding Photo Books by Jorg Colberg. The initial impetus was to build some understanding of photobooks in relation to the forthcoming task. But Colberg turned out to be so much richer than just photobooks, he offered a lot of insight … Continue readingWeek 6 reflection

Week 5 Reflection

I’m a photographer, or to put it another way, a chronicler of worlds to be lost. I go around, catching fractions of a second and preserving them for all time. Did the early Daguerreotypists think that their stiff, formal portraits would be pored over for … Continue readingWeek 5 Reflection

Week 4 Reflection

In the pre-Modern world, when phenomena could not be explained by tangible physical interactions, they were explained by magic. As there was no understanding of, for example,  magnetism or gravity, the effects of these forces were ascribed to magic or to the occult. The frontiers … Continue readingWeek 4 Reflection

Week 3 Reflection

Thoughts on Photography Consists of Collaboration: Meiselas, Ewald and Azoulay This is one of the recommended readings for the week and I felt I should respond to it. It seems to me that the article illustrates a way in which critical thinking fails by straying … Continue readingWeek 3 Reflection