How it works

The public outcome of my FMP is a website Building a website was always a logical choice as I have relevant skills as I’m familiar with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript which are the languages used to construct websites. The ongoing Covid 19 pandemic meant … Continue readingHow it works

15mb Maximum

Previously I have struggled greatly with squeezing a PDF submission doc down to the required 15mb. So I have spent some time working out a system and it seems to be working quite well. Assumptions: I’m using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Open Source versions of … Continue reading15mb Maximum

Got There!

My public outcome is my website and I think it’s finished. That’s not to say I won’t go back and change something, but I have no plans to. Which begs the question, when is a piece of work finished? I watched a video interview … Continue readingGot There!

Whilst researching the FMP, I have tried to genuinely go with my research. If I discovered something new, I should respond to it, evaluate it and take some action. So that’s how I came to rethink my experience as a Lib Dem district councillor, ten … Continue reading

Public Outcome

The public outcome of my project is a website This is a collection of hyperphotographs arranged into four stories about the climate emergency. Creating the photographs has involved multiple shoots: Dartmoor, Isle of Sheppey, Cuckmere Haven, Newhaven and local locations. The text associated with … Continue readingPublic Outcome