Cuckmere Haven v0.2

Following on from the previous post, I set about improving the way the hyperphotograph operates. The Four Corners toolkit is a good starting point, but I’m not keen on the pop-ups from each corner. After some thought, I came up with the idea of exploiting the idea of the one page website.

This is a popular marketing tool. The content is all on one page. Rather than navigating from page to page, a single page loads and the visitor uses hyperlinks to jump from one place on the page to another. This means that navigation is very quick as no new content has to be loaded.

This version 0.2 can be seen here

The first page simulates the entry point into the portfolio of stories. Only the first image is activated. Mouse over the picture to see the link, which then navigates to the hyperphotograph. Mousing over the hyperphotograph takes the visitor to different backstories to the picture.