Reflections on Week Four


Prior to this week’s activity, I had never collaborated on a photographic project. So this was all going to be new.

I posted an image as requested, no takers. I added some explanatory text and I quickly got a response from Hilde. We started communicating over email.

We were both very aware of the need to deliver something in a short time frame. This was not the time for complex ideas. We knew this project would deliver new work and we both went out straight away to start making the pictures we needed.

We then exchanged the images, refined the objectives and repeated the activity. Finally, we spent an evening on Skype, selecting the images and deciding how we would present them. We settled on a series of diptychs which extended the collaboration metaphor even further. Each diptych was a genuine collaborative effort because it was the work of two people.

Our partnership worked because we were both willing to work, motivated and happy to trust the other. When both parties put in the work and match each others efforts, this seems to forge a creative space in which the inspiration for the images is available.

The results were very favourably received by our peers which was very pleasing.