Research Project Portfolio: Foreboding

Since the beginning of the modern period, human beings have burned increasing amounts of fossil fuels to provide energy. Fossil fuels release carbon dioxide (CO2) as a product of combustion.

Excess CO2 in the atmosphere creates a greater insulation effect which causes the Earth to be warmer. This leads to higher sea levels, which threatens human life by potentially flooding coastal towns and cities, making it impossible to grow food in some areas and forcing the abandonment of homes and land.

This new world of rapid and destructive change is already being referred to as the Anthropocene Era, the era that humans created. I have set out to make a series of pictures that address the effects of Climate Change in my local area.

My project aims to capture the worries about this accidental new era, the dark clouds on the horizon, the calm before the storm, the whispers that something bad is going to happen.

The Foreboding.

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