Supervisory Meeting 02/06/2020

Date of Supervision Meeting02/06/2020
Start time of Meeting12:00
Length of Meeting in minutes30 mins
Meeting Notes & Action Points1. WM noted that Ritchin’s book is over 10 years old, discussed lack of responses to it
2. WM recommended “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism’; Zuboff
3. Biggest challenge is understanding parameters of project, refer to case studies.
4. Ongoing involvement with XR is good positioning. Consider other organisations.
5. Other source materials to be considered:Larson and ShindelmenThomson & Craighead
6. Consider how different artists have approached multi-platform projects.
7. Proceed with creating proposal. Stress the non-linear aspect of the journey. Set out a roadmap for the development of the project. Establish parameters. 
Date of Next Proposed Meeting30/06/20  12:00