Supervisory Meeting 20/08/2020

Date of Supervision MeetingThursday 20/08/2020
Start time of Meeting09:00
Length of Meeting in minutes30 mins
Meeting Notes & Action Points1. I presented the current body of work
Received favourably by WM, thought the layout was good and information content was at the right level

2. WM suggested using Rebel For Life from the flags as the navigation. To be investigated.

3. I am making the photographs and doing the web design work. Discussed some technicalities of the web design.

4. Artists statement is good, perhaps extend it to discuss the layers of meaning in the work.

5. This work will be submitted to the Ways of Protest exhibition being staged at the Elysium Gallery in Swansea.

6. WM directed me to inspiration: John Heartfield and Mark Wallinger.

7. Reminder to keep CRJ up to date and include extracurricular activities like Elysium Gallery.

8. Very positive meeting.
Date of Next Proposed Meeting30/09/2020