The Creative Habit

There’s obviously plenty of recommended reading for the MA, but I have also received many very good book recommendations from from fellow students and tutors.

One such recommendation is Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit, Learn It And Use It For Life.

Tharp is a highly successful choreographer whose job is to create dances. She writes about how to maintain a creative mindset, how to find inspiration when it’s difficult to find ideas, how to be constructively critical of oneself and how to handle the bad times.

It’s a relatively quick read and it should probably be referred to again and again, whilst both seeking inspiration for a project and running it.

It’s a valuable and readable manual for creative people to keep being creative. And it does have genuine application across the arts. Tharp is a choreographer and musician, she draws on the experiences of painters, photographers and writers.

I’m happy to recommend this book to anyone who wants to lead a creative life.

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