All About Activism

Recently I attended an online lecture where the speaker was Mariama Attah. She is a curator and editor and was speaking about photography as activism. Increasingly, I describe myself as an activist, so this lecture was obviously appealing. A lot was discussed and I noted … Continue readingAll About Activism

Text Before Pictures

In creating my stories about Climate Change, I need to create a relationship between words and pictures. Rebel For Life was lead by the pictures. The pictures were taken during Extinction Rebellion actions in a photojournalism style. When the pictures were taken and the event … Continue readingText Before Pictures


Earlier in the MA we looked at creators appropriating each others work. This week I discovered that my work had been appropriated by an illustrator. During the Extinction Rebellion actions in September, I took this picture in London. This week, my attention was drawn to … Continue readingAppropriated

Text vs Pictures

“Photobooks or essays on social crises can be maddeninglyformulaic. In many, captions are scant at best and informative textby the photographer (if any) is separated from the photographs”. Franklin, The Documentary Impulse, p72 My progress through the FMP has convinced me that I am a … Continue readingText vs Pictures

Kiss The Ground

Kiss The Ground is the title of a new film about climate change which was released on Netflix today. I had heard a lot about it, so sat down to watch the film this evening. As part of my research for the FMP, I have … Continue readingKiss The Ground

Supervisory Meeting 20/08/2020

Date of Supervision Meeting Thursday 20/08/2020 Start time of Meeting 09:00 Length of Meeting in minutes 30 mins Meeting Notes & Action Points 1. I presented the current body of work favourably by WM, thought the layout was good and information content was at the … Continue readingSupervisory Meeting 20/08/2020


As planned, I spent Monday and Tuesday mornings with the XR rebels disrupting tanker arrivals at Horse Hill in Surrey. Pictures were duly edited and sent off to the media team for onward distribution to media organisations. On Wednesday morning I was in WH Smith … Continue readingPublished!

Pondering Content

The last few days have been spent focusing on the technical aspects of the hyperphotograph platform. I feel that I have a flexible and workable solution now. On Monday 3rd August I will put it to the test. The objective was always to look beyond … Continue readingPondering Content